It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our beloved IETD dogs, Rusty.

Ron rescued Rusty from a shelter, where they had an instant connection & bond. He was one of the founding IETD dogs, & as a therapy dog brought immense comfort and joy to so many. Rusty & Ron spent over 500 hours together visiting veterans at the VA hospital. Rusty was not only a therapy dog but was also Ron’s service dog who went everywhere with him. Last year Ron, Bev, & Rusty went on the Run For The Wall, a cross country ride made by veterans as a tribute to service members killed in action or taken as prisoners of war. Rusty made hundreds of friends along the way.
We will miss your giant heart, big personality & unique husky bark. Until we see you again Rusty, keep the boat running.

Bo was Holly Rieck’s sweet and loving Goldendoodle. Everyone who knew him adored his gentle nature and his soulful, calm and comforting gaze. Bo was a natural therapy dog and a wonderful furry R.E.A.D. friend for so many children. Holly dedicated herself to helping Bo realize his purpose in helping others in so many places and in so many ways. He touched and lifted many hearts and will never be forgotten.

Bo, always available for a hug and a petting session.

Bo was Holly Rieck’s sweet companion.

Bo, helping a student read.