Emma is a Bernese Mountain Dog Born November 20, 2013 Loved by Vivian & Terry Crowe In the winter she has fun playing in the snow and in summer she loves hiking, swimming and paddle boarding. Most of all, she loves children and adults of all ages and loves visiting with them! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog AKC Canine Good Citizen

Sadie Ann

Sadie Ann is a Female, Terrier Mix Born April 15, 2011 Loved by Kathy Brauer Sadie Ann was rescued at 2 months old. She goes to work with me every day so she can play with the other dogs and cats there. She really loves to give kisses and bring joy to people as a Therapy Dog. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog AKC Canine Good Citizen


Wallie is a male, Cockapoo Born August 3, 2010 Part of the Cheryl Pirih Family Wallie, chose me. While visiting the breeder and looking at his six brothers, Wallie was busy dragging my purse to the car. He loves frisbee, going on walks and playing ball. He is a great cuddler, kisser and listener! He’ll be a friend for life with a good scratch behind his ears. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen


Sessan is a fun-loving female Springerdoodle Born April 13, 2016 Loved by Ingrid Dahlgren Sessan is a Swedish nickname for Princess. If she could wear a tiara, she would! Sessan loves to visit kids in schools, people in the hospitals and make them feel better just like a real princess. She loves to swim, do tricks, walk in nature, listen to children read books, and snuggle with people who pet and hug her. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog


Sophie is a female Goldendoodle Born September 10, 2013 Spoiled by the Clement Family Sophie is a black Goldendoodle. She is so full of energy! She loves to go on walks, run through the park, chase squirrels, hunt lizards and tease her big sister, Jules. Most of all, Sophie loves people and getting petted. Sophie is our bundle of joy! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.


Bagel is a Female Old English Sheepdog Born December 12, 2012 Bagel is Grace Chen’s fluffy companion. Special Power: Can make complete strangers smile Mission: To bring comfort and encouragements to everyone. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Achiever Dog • AKC Therapy Dog Excellent AKC Community Canine (CGCA) AKC Urban CGC AKC Trick Dog Novice HOPE Animal Crisis Response


Rose - Female Fox Red Labrador Born December 25, 2016 A member of the Lopez family Rose knows her puppy eyes will get her whatever she wants. She gives kisses, shake, and army crawl for a treat. No matter what the weather is she is up for a swim. Rose lives with one other dog & two cats. Rose is looking forward to meeting new people. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen

Harley M.

Harley is an Pomeranian /Poodle mix - Born January 1, 2009 Part of the Mitchell Family. Harley is a very sweet and lovable boy. He loves to travel in his very own car seat when Mom and Dad take the RV out. He enjoys visiting at schools, the Micah House, Yucaipa Library and the Ontario Airport with his friends in the Ontario Paw Squad.


Nugget is a female Yorkie Rescued February 25, 2014 Loved by the June family. Nugget loves to run. Her legs are short but she can run faster than any human. She likes to play tug-of-war and does tricks for treats. She’s happy when you scratch her ears. Most of all she loves being a therapy dog and making new friends like you!


Aelish is a female Irish Wolfhound Born Sept. 2, 2016 Part of the Martinez Menagerie Aelish may be a 'Gentle Giant," but she LOVES all people and animals (big and small). She loves hugs and kisses and will sit in your lap if you let her! Her personality is one that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day, no matter what! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog


BooBoo miniature poodle Born March 6, 2017 Rick and Gail Mitchell. BooBoo was inherited from our neighbor who was too ill to care for her. She is an energetic, exciting and playful little girl. She loves to go on walks and rides. Home Depot is her favorite place to shop. BooBoo is never happy until her toy box is completely empty! She loves to play go fetch! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Bella Bear

Bella, is a female Doberdor Born on November 3, 2017 Loved by The Sherman Family Bella joined our family at 7 months old from a rescue organization and is now rescuing the hearts of everyone she touches. Her favorite things to do include playing with her siblings, taking rides in the car, hiking, playing in the snow, stretching out on her back, giving kisses and meeting new people. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.


Meelo is a male, PUG Born July 29, 2020 Part of the Wiltsie family Meelo is so excited to be a therapy dog. He loves meeting new people and can’t resist a good belly rub. Meelo is named after a fictional anime character from TV. He is playful, energetic and still a bit of a puppy. His favorite things in the world are zooming with his pal Wallie, eating and going wherever his handler goes. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog


Jack is a male, Jack Russel Terrier Mix Born September 1, 2015 Loved by his Family Jack is an energetic and loving little dog with a big personality. Given the chance, he will curl up in your lap and snuggle. He is so cute that after one look you will love him as much as his family does. He loves to take walks and travel in the RV. He enjoys meeting new people during his visits.


Grace is a female, Springer Spaniel Born September 1, 2017 Loved by Catherine Walker & David Neighbours Grace, or Amazing Grace as we call her, came to us when she was 1 year old. She was ill as a puppy and it is amazing that she survived. Grace is a happy dog who will gladly exchange a trick (rolling over, waving hello, picking items up...) for a treat. Grace also oves to play ball too. When you see her, be sure to give her a tummy tickle!


Sophie is a female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Born June 29, 2013 Loved by Teri and Robert Wallace Sophie has a warm, sweet personality, with a carefree playful side. She is happiest on the lap of new friends, while sharing some love and affection. Don’t be surprised if she leaves you with a few “air kisses” until her next visit.


Dyson is a male, American Labrador Retriever Born March 20, 2019 Loved by Scott and Dawna Tibbitts Dyson is so excited to be a Therapy Dog! He enjoys playing at the beach and in the lake. In the winter he loves to run in the snow. Daily walks are a favorite. He loves making new friends and shares his sweet, warm, and friendly nature with all he meets!


Pancakes is a black/tan male Doberman Pinscher Birthday October 23, 2020 Loved by The De Los Reyes Family Pancakes enjoys meeting new people and giving hugs. He is always ready to play especially frisbee and catch. He likes going on adventures camping, hiking and going to the beach. He is a big and strong boy with the kindest heart who loves to make others happy! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog


Paisley is a female Labrador Born March 6, 2018 Part of the Trembly family Paisley is an important member of her family. Paisley's favorite thing to play with is her tennis balls and she always has one close by. She also loves to go on long walks and hikes with her family. She goes camping with them and loves to be in the water whenever possible. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen


Nicky is a male Miniature Poodle Birthday February 5, 2019 Loved by Adrienne Kassel Nicky is a lively and affectionate Miniature Poodle who loves giving wiggly greetings to new and old friends everywhere he goes. He likes being petted, offering kisses and showing off his many tricks. Other favorite pastimes are daily walks, chasing balls, stealing socks and snuggling on the couch with mom. Thanks, friend, for visiting with him! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canin...


Ellie is a female Golden Retriever Birthday: October 27, 2017 Loved by the Vannix Family Ellie is enthusiastic, social, inquisitive and more intelligent than her owners. She loves walks, playing fetch, agility, the beach, finding avocados, being petted/brushed, dog games with her canine pals, and earning treats by retrieving anything--or by any other means possible! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen


Kai is a male Labrador Born June 10, 2020 Loved by the Schumaker family Kai loves to meet new friends and to give snuggles. He is super sweet with a kind soul and is always up for an adventure! He loves to camp, swim and go on daily bike rides with his family. He enjoys playing hide and seek with his tiny humans and loves to lounge around the house and snuggle with them. The Bright &amp...


Chelsea is a female Golden Retriever Born April 16, 2021 Loved by the Robinson family I am Chelsea #3, and I will be following in the “paw-steps” of Chelsea #2, who was a rescue and became a famous therapy dog for many years. I was born on 4/16/21 and live with my Mum and Dad in Lake Arrowhead. I love children and adults alike, and all I want to do is to make everyone happy! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Education Assistance Dog


Gaia, is a female Fox Terrier mix Birthday: January 1, 2019 Loved by her family Gaia was born on the streets with 4 siblings who were rescued at 5 weeks old, but their mother was not with them. They quickly learned to drink goat's milk from a bowl to survive. All 5 pups were adopted into loving homes! Gaia is friendly and calm. She loves visiting the children's oncology wards and schools listening to children read. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. R.E.A.D.® Reading Edu...

Ellie May

Ellie May is a female Flat Coated Retriever Birthday: April 1, 2014 Loved member of her family Ellie May has a very special heart filled with love and joy, she's always calm and courteous and loves to be loved by everyone! She especially enjoys fun at the beach swimming in the surf, playing ball and rides in the truck! Her favorite time of year is outside in the cool air of Fall and anywhere sharing her love! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen


Ginger is a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi Birthday January 24, 2021 Loved by Kathy Haskins Ginger loves to make people smile. I don't think she's met anyone she didn't like. She loves to play fetch with her ball, going for long walks with me, She really loves to snuggling in the chair with me. She has 2 cat friends at home to play with too. Ginger thanks you for visiting with her!


Bear is a male Great Pyrenees - Poodle mix Birthday July 26, 2020 Bear is loved by the Gremard Family, Bear has the wonderful traits of the Great Pyrenees; strong, gentle, affectionate and smarts and when combined with the poodle smarts and loving nature you get one sweet and loveable pup. Guantreed to lift the spirits of a broken heart.


Jake is a male Cock-a-poo Birthday November 27, 2021 Jake is loved by the Pirih Family, Jake, is a fun-loving pup always up for a game of fetch, tug of war, or a long walk or simply running in circles. He is friendly, affectionate and a bit if a comedian who loves to make people laugh. He has a real zest for life along with a sweet temperament


Bodie is a Male Beagle Born May 16, 2021 Loved by the Trujillo-Stowells family Bodie loves people, hugs and high fives. He will do anything for treats. His favorite activities include hiking, napping in the sun, eating and being a couch potato. You’ll find it difficult to resist his sweet expressive eyes an his ability to sniff out someone in need of a cuddle or two.


Wesley is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Born July 8, 2021 Loved by the Wheeler family Wesley loves people more than other dogs. His personality and loving nature spreads joy and smiles. He enjoys his daily walks and playing with his brother, Maverick, a mini Australian shepherd. He absolutely adores snuggles, sitting on people, chairs and couches. Wesley looks forward to his therapy visits and meeting new people.


Finn is a male Standard Poodle Born May 28, 2019 Loved by Janelle. Finn is a smart, lovable and playful dog. He loves to be goofy. His favorite thing to do is visit with anyone he meets. He also watches any television programs with animals. For fun he loves to run and slide across the tile floor or play in his swimming pool and pounce on the balls. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog...


Cleo is a female Mini-Poodle/Dachshund mix Birthday October 23, 2021 Part of the Negrette Family Cleo is the most joyful, wiggly pup around. She loves going to the beach and digging in the sand - she makes such a mess! Daily walks and playing with her big sister are her absolute favorite. She is very excited to be a Therapy Dog and bring smiles to people's faces! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.


Charlie is a male Tibetan Terrier Birthday March 29, 2022 Loved by the Jacobson Family Hi! I am Charlie. I am a Tibetan Terrier. I was born in Oregon in 2022. When not doing Therapy dog events, I love going to the dog park. My favorite toys are any all rope toys. My favorite treat is duck jerky.. however I love sharing a burger with Dad in the car! The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. AKC Canine Good Citizen


Sammy is a male Golden Retriever Born August 13, 2016 Loved by Kathy Rumin Sammy is a fun-loving male white golden retriever. Born August 13, 2016. Loved by Kathy Rumin and his cat brother Ozzy. Sammy loves to visit kids in schools and libraries. He loves to swim, do tricks, hike, listen to children read, and snuggle with people who pet and hug him. READ, CGC, CGC Tricks Novice


Cassidy is a female Black Lab Born March 18, 2017 Loved by the Schooley Family Cassidy is a retired guide dog. In her new career as a therapy dog, she is eager to bring her gentle spirit to all who meet her. In her off time she spends her days napping and playing with her fur friends.. CGC, Retired Working Guide Dog


Winston is a male Yorkshire Terrier. Born July 9, 2020 Part of the Katie Yang Family Winston’s middle name is Baylor and he therefore also known as little Baylor Bear. He plays with toys bigger than him and proudly drags them around. He thinks that if he buries his head nobody can see him. Winston loves to cuddle with new friends, bringing joy to everyone he meets - one paw print at a time


Kenzi is a female Labrador Retriever Birthday: February 26, 2022 Loved by everyone she meets Kenzi is a sweet-natured girl. She loves to chase balls of any type and size, walk/hike, swim, look for bunny friends to watch and will do anything for treats! Kenzi has learned to respond to verbal cues as well as commands in sign language. She is ready to meet new people and bring love and happiness.


Rocky is a male Boxador (Boxer Lab Mix) Born April 1, 2020 Loved by the Baker-Stange Family Rocky is a very active and happy boy. He has the sweetest personality, loves to cuddle and is always kind and gentle. He loves playing outside, running as fast as he can, swimming, camping and being in nature. His favorite toy is a neon pink dura-play ball and he loves to just carry it around in his mouth. Thank you so much for allowing Rocky to meet you!


Sage is a female Golden Retriever Birthday April 8, 2021 Sage is loved by everyone she meets Sage is full of happy energy! Her favorite activities include walking, hiking and swimming in ANY kind of weather! She enjoys playing with her toys and doing silly tricks. Sage's friendly enthusiasm is contagious and she easily makes new friends. She's ready for lots of hugs and pets! AKC Canine Good Citizen


ucky Boy is a male Chicuahua Mix Born June 16, 2017 Loved by Mary Lou Bailey Lucky Boy was adopted from the Redlands Animal Shelter when he was five years old. He had finally found his lucky forever home. He loves being held and petted by kids and adults alike. He especially likes being told what a “Good Boy” he is. Lucky Boy shares his love and leaves everyone he meets feeling joyful.


Bette is a female Siberian Husky Born November 2017 Handler/Owners :Gregg Grant & Kris Wells Bette rescued us in 2018 at the age of about 9 months old. She was named after “Bette Davis” for her eyes. She “picked” Kris, and would not leave her side. She is with Gregg every day at work in his real estate office. On her days off, she loves to run for 18 holes of golf. Sweet Bette is very smart and affectionate. She enjoys kids and adults, and brings joy to every one she meets!

Max Pintor

Max is a male Goldendoodle Born August 6, 2021 Loved by the Pintor Family Traits: calm, smart, affectionate Likes: sniffing trees, chasing tennis balls Dislikes: when you stop petting him Max deeply appreciates your kindness and affection. Your petting brings him happiness and helps shape him into the great therapy dog he is today. Canine Good Citizen

Ozzie Stone

Ozzie is a male Goldendoodle Born June 20, 2022 Loved by the Stone Family Ozzi is a people loving, fun loving, smart little dog. He especially likes making new friends and doing therapy work with his person Sandy Canine Good Citizen