Tuesday evening training is indoors at the Redlands Senior Center

The first 3 Tuesdays of the month

from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Redlands Senior Center
111 W Lugonia Ave Ste A, Redlands, CA 92374

Inland Empire Therapy Dogs train and certify to
to a national organization Certification Standards

• We are a dogs only organization
• Dog must be one year of age to test
• Dog must have lived with owner for 6 months
• Testing is open to all dog breeds
• Dogs trained in Schutzhund are not allowed
• Dogs with a bite history are also excluded

IETD evaluators will work with you and your dog, and evaluate you to determine your potential as a certified therapy dog/handler team. After several successful training sessions, we will assess your progress and if you are ready to test. If ready we will schedule an evaluation and testing for certification. You will be tested under the guidelines and standards of our Insurance and Inland Empire Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Once certified, a whole world will open up to you; a world of volunteering, of sharing and giving, and a world where our dogs can make a miraculous difference in the lives of others. Certification is just the beginning of the wonders of this “Therapy Dog” adventure.

At Inland Empire Therapy Dogs, Inc. we believe in “relationship training”, where we help you to strengthen the bond between you and your dog to more effectively work as a team. Your dog will learn to feel more comfortable among other dogs and find his place in the pack as he builds a relationship with the other dogs. And as a team, you will form a relationship with the other teams in our organization and with the communities that we serve.

All memberships expire and are due for yearly renewal on the membership anniversary; a renewal notice is mailed to all members one month before their expiration date.

Terri & Paisley


Diane & Meelo

What we expect from you:

We ask that dogs come to us having some basic training: Sit, Down, Come and Leave It, walk on a Loose leash and be well socialized with people and other dogs.

We ask handlers to come to us with a sincere and realistic goal to volunteer with their dog to bring comfort and joy to people in a variety of settings. IETD  requires a minimum of one-hour visitation per month.

Join us as a member of our IETD family. Train with us, play with us, visit medical facilities with us, and participate in community events.

Consider joining our R.E.A.D. program where children learn to read by reading to our dogs.

What you can expect from us:

You can expect us to give you the training, guidance and support to become a certified therapy dog/handler team. Our leadership and training teams have years of experience, but each of us started where you are now. We will guide and assist you every step of the way.

When you reach a level of proficiency that is commensurate with the standards of Pet Partners and Inland Empire Therapy Dogs, we will evaluate and certify you and your dog as a Therapy Dog Team.

We will welcome you into our family and mentor you through the processing and protocols of the various facilities where we visit. We will assist you and your dog in learning the finer points of patient interaction and hone your skills to make these interactions with the patients more meaningful and rewarding.

We will offer you the opportunity to give something special to those in need. To brighten lives, brings smiles, and provide comfort is our reward, and we welcome you to join us in our commitment to “Sharing Love and Leaving Joy”